Maarten Winkel from the Netherlands.

This the greatest group of students I ever met ... Besides that this is the perfect place ... .

Antonio from Spain.

There is no university in Spain teaching Tibetan, nor in South-America. It is good news that we have the possibility to get an academic approach to this language here in Spain for the first time.

Elena from Spain.

It was fantastic, very interesting. But very fast, a bit like making Paté de foie gras. Our heads were stuffed with incredible masses of information.

Miroslav (MiruĊ›) Hrdina from Czech Republic.

I appreciate the multinationality, there are many nations represented and mentalities coming and working efficiently together in teams. In fact, this is very inspiring for me.

Gabriella Camillo from Portugal.

I tried to learn Tibetan on my own five years ago. That was very difficult and I gave up. When I was told about this course I immediately thought that I would take up the challenge and go for a second try. And it was fun.

Boris Erokhine from Russia.

Being provided with all necessities for in-depth study is a successful beginning for such a big project. It can benefit many.