A wide field.

At ITAS the view of Asia's culture is consciously European. Those occupied in the areas of Tibetan, Sanskrit and Buddhism are exclusively Western trained (MA and PhD).

Additionally we have access to educated and knowledgeable Asian teachers for the relevant languages and philological research.

ITAS also supports MA and PhD students in several European universities. This work encompasses both research and independent research projects






From and for people who hunger for knowledge.

More than just a goal.

Even though Tibetan and Asian cultures have long been subject of attention in the west, within academia the subject is relatively new. In this respect we now have a unique perspective which we will continue to build upon.

In the future we are planning to build educational support for doctorate candidates and scientific research.

A vision for tomorrow.

Whoever wants to make a long journey needs to know the way. ITAS has a vision for the future. We are setting new standards for academia and we want to develop these a lot more.

Our goal is to develop a new model for universities, which joins together European and Asian cultures. So we've set high hurdles for academic achievement. But we find that this is a good standard and a worthwhile goal.