ITAS Certificate - Description

Goal: ITAS Certificate Tibetan Studies.

ITAS combines the Anglo-American module system with the philological system of Germany and France. This new and comprehensive approach includes both the translation of classical Tibetan works as well as the interpretation of lectures in Tibetan.

On top of which you are given comprehensive teachings on scientific research methods, linguistics and lexicography alongside history, culture and art.


A good philosophy is the cement between your building blocks.

The ITAS Certificate and its details.

The programme consists of two blocks of teachings per year, each lasting approximatly three weeks. During the interval there is continual individual distance learning and e-learning.

Students profit from the dynamic structure and compact teaching which is also used in other universities. In short, it is full steam ahead!

The Itas-Certificate is unique worldwide. The programme is an intense exploration of Buddhist languages, philosophies and cultures and offers training in a wide range of subjects:

  • Classical Tibetan
  • Colloquial Tibetan
  • Indian languages
  • Linguistics  
  • Academic Buddhist Studies
  • Research skills

Aim beyond all limits.

ITAS focuses on small groups. This approach is more personal and leads to quick feedback. Long term studies are undertaken by e-learning, a system that has more than proven itself.

Participants come from all over the world and give a strong international feel to the proceedings. We are very pleased about this diversity, and welcome each new nation.