ITAS Certificate:
Classical Tibetan 1

22 Sept to 7 Oct 2017

New Intake at ITAS

We are delighted to announce that ITAS will take in new students on a course to be held in September/October 2017. This course, Classical Tibetan I, is part of the ITAS Certificate Programme, which will take at least six years to complete. At this point we plan to offer an introductory cycle of three subsequent courses, Classical Tibetan 1 to 3. In the first two courses, basic Tibetan grammar is covered, while the third course is a reading class that makes use of the previously gained knowledge of the language. Whether ITAS will be able to offer more advanced courses after this introductory cycle will depend on the availability of teachers and students.


As the ITAS programme is quite intense and aims at high quality, please make sure to spend time before the next course in preparation. It is also worth making up your mind about whether you are prepared for the intense, ongoing study which will last a few years. The programme includes academic methodologies and contexts as well as languages (Tibetan and Sanskrit). Initially those interested are recommended to strengthen their understanding of English.

You will find further information on our website: or contact us at, if you are potentially interested in the next course. Wewill update you and offer further suggestions concerning preparatory work.

Arrival day: 22 Sept
Preparatory course: 23 - 24 Sept (2 days)
Classical Tibetan 1 (1st week): 25 - 29 Sept (5 days)
Days off (weekend): 30 Sept - 1 Oct (2 days)
Classical Tibetan 1 (2nd week): 2 - 6 Oct (5 days)
Departure day: 7 Oct
Location: Karma Guen, Aldea Alta 1, 29700 Velez-Malaga, Spain
Price: 400 € (excluding meals and accommodation fees)

Course requirements:
fluent spoken English, especially knowledge of grammatical terms knowledge of the Tibetan alphabet (to be acquired in self-study before the course)

Registration has not opened, but will be announced soon.

You need to plan additional costs for your flight, accommodation and meals in Karma Guen.



Latest News.

ITAS Buddhism & Science series, vol. i published!

Series editor: Burkhard Scherer
From Buddhism to Science and back,
ed. by A. Przybyslawski.
Opole-Velez-Malaga: Hung - ITAS 2007,
150 pp., ISBN 83-919492-3-0, €12.
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