All is prepared for studies!

ITAS is based in a beautiful valley near the city of Málaga. This lovely place gives you the necessary peaceful atmosphere for study. You can also find plenty of beaches and the city is accessible. As well as a library, modern IT facilities and accomodation ITAS offers every student their own place to work.

If the location is comfortable the mind can more easily focus on studying -  this is what ITAS has to offer students. Tasty meals freshly prepared on-site are provided and can be eaten on various terraces where you can also learn and study. ITAS facilities comprise several classrooms which allows for different classes to run concurrently. The classrooms are equipped with work stations, a refreshment area with tea, coffee and snacks and a nice area for chilling and socializing. 


Knowledge and inspiration need somewhere special.



Málaga and its surroundings.

Málaga was founded by the Phonecians and has in the past been a place of enormous historical significance. Today, in the lively, modern city you can still find fascinating historical evidence pointing towards its magnificent past.

The surroundings sparkle with the beauty of Andalusia. This southern Spanish province offers inviting beaches and picturesque villages waiting to be discovered.